The CC-30 horizontal optical comparator provides a bright 30″ diameter screen in a small workspace. Combined with its rugged design and easy access to parts and fixtures, the CC-30 delivers the performance you need in a high load capacity comparator.

Configure a CC-30 to your application with a range of features and options:30″ diameter screen at eye level

  • Rigid, all-steel heavy duty cast iron worktable
  • Telecentric projection lenses from 10x – 100x magnification
  • 5 position internal lens turret to keep lenses safe and ready for use
  • Square-on, direction projection and profile lighting
  • Optional Quadra-Chek QC-200 or QC-300 DRO
  • Optional eChek™ metrology software
  • Optional EdgeScan™ automatic edge detection for accurate edge measurements
  • Optional ImageCapture™
  • Optional MeasureFit® Plus 2D fitting software

Download the CC-30 datasheet for detailed specifications.