SmartScope ZIP Lite 250


SmartScope ZIP® Lite 250 offers a cost-effective way of getting the benefits of automatic video-based inspection and measurement, with the inclusion of advanced ZIP motorized zoom optics. This compact system provides an XYZ measurement volume of 250x150x150 mm, with an optional 300 mm extended X-axis. SmartScope ZIP Lite 250 features joystick controlled precision mechanical bearing motorized stages and 0.5 µm linear scales mounted to a metrologically stable granite base and column. Its precise 7:1 motorized zoom lens keeps images in focus and on-axis throughout its zoom range, while a wide array of optional lens attachments and adapter tubes expand the magnification range, providing further value and versatility. LED coaxial and profile illumination combine with the patented white-LED SmartRing™ programmable ring light to provide lighting adaptable to a variety of measurement conditions. SmartScope ZIP Lite 250 also provides multisensor touch probe or DRS™ laser support.

SmartScope ZIP Lite 250 uses MeasureMind 3D® MultiSensor metrology software to take full advantage of a 3D measurement environment. Measure-X® is optional, in lieu of MeasureMind 3D.

Every SmartScope ZIP Lite 250 is multisensor capable.

Add multisensor flexibility at any time with touch probe or laser options.

Please feel free to contact the authorized OGP Representative in your area to learn more, schedule an application study or a personal demonstration.

Detailed information is available on the datasheet.