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Optical Comparator Calibration and Repair

Hammond Company is ISO Certified and offers in-house optical comparator calibration and repair service for all types of optical comparators.

cc-20 Optical Comparator Calibrations To OEM Specifications

Our service technicians perform calibrations and repairs to optical comparator OEM specifications to ensure quality and accuracy. Typically the calibration process takes two to three hours, keeping system downtime to minimum. Our service technicians will also perform full system inspections to ensure accuracy of your vision system.

Optical Comparator Repairs

Optical Comparator bulb replacement and digital readout retrofits are the most common optical comparator repairs. Our service technicians are certified in all types of optical comparator repairs for quality, accurate, and fast turnaround.

Contact Hammond Company for an optical comparator calibration or repair estimate.

For emergency Optical Comparator Calibration and Repairs throughout Wisconsin, contact Hammond Company. Our service technicians will be at your facility within 24 hours!