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Form Measuring Instruments

Contour Form Measuring Systems

contour measuring machine

Hammond Company offers an extensive line of Mahr contour form measuring instruments designed to meet your industry’s surface measurement needs. We deliver high performance, user friendly measuring devices that offer flexibility for evaluation and documentation. We can provide the ideal solution for the increasingly demanding tasks of your industry.

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Roundness Form Measuring Systems

Roundness Form Measuring System

Hammond Company delivers solutions in the field of surface roundness metrology. With a wide selection of high precision, accurate form measuring instruments from brands Like Mahr and Mitutoyo, we can provide the metrology system to meet your specific surface measurement needs.

We offer a variety of equipment to measure surface finish, roundness, contour, and form. Let us be your guide to finding the measurement system that’s right for you. Call 262-798-4243 for more information and a free demonstration.

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