Get TruLight® all-LED illumination with variable intensities on the CC-14 benchtop optical comparator. With ergonomic controls at your fingertips, you can complete your applications fatigue free.

Configure a CC-14 to your application with a range of features and options:14″ diameter screen

  • Rigid, all-steel heavy duty cast aluminum worktable
  • Telecentric projection lenses from 10x – 100x magnification
  • Keep lenses safe and ready for use with the 3 position internal lens turret
  • Bright green LED profile light (standard)
  • Optional oblique, TruLight Ringlight with variable intensity
  • Optional TruLight TTL surface light with variable intensity
  • Optional eCAD® electronic overlay package
  • Optional eChek™ metrology software
  • Optional EdgeScan™ automatic edge detection for accurate edge measurements
  • Optional ImageCapture™
  • Optional MeasureFit® Plus 2D fitting software

Download the CC-14 datasheet for detailed specifications.