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November 2014-Hammond Company Now Partnered With INSIZE!

Hammond Company has added INSIZE to our excellent line of measuring tools. Insize is a global distributor of a wide range of measuring instruments. Their main focuses are making a quality inspection tool while maintaining the great value that they are known for. Hammond Company is excited to offer another great option to our customers, and provide them a brand that has global demand. For pricing on this new line, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!

hammond buildingHammond Company is a family-owned organization with long-seated key personnel; all with varied and unique talents who possess a broad range of metrology experience and real metrology industry know-how.  In addition, Hammond Company collaborates with industry leading companies, colleagues, competitors, other knowledgeable providers to tailor a solution regardless of equipment.  Discover how Hammond Company tackles tough metrology problems.

The team at Hammond Company recognizes our responsibility as a provider of quality services.  Therefore, we developed and documented a quality management system to better satisfy the inspection and calibration needs of clients and to improve management of the company.

The management team and staff continuously strive to achieve and maintain the highest quality of our services.  We continually work to ensure that all inspection and calibration activities are conducted in accordance with the documented procedures and client requirements.

Hammond Company staff are motivated and trained to implement the quality policies and procedures by documenting their daily work with the goal of continuous improvement of service to our clients

The management team is committed to the quality system and will periodically review its performance and objectives to ensure their effectiveness and suitability

If you are ready to experience a metrology service provider whose people are dedicated to quality, service, and support then discover Hammond Company.